"The Stabilization, Balance, & Timing Exercise Trainer has been a big part of my fitness routine for the past few years. I've used it to build muscle strength, improve coordination, and recover quickly from injuries. I believe people of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit from a Stabilization Program."

- Bethanie Mattek-Sands


v5.0 SBT Trainer

The Complete Performance by MATTEK v5.0 SBT Trainer is a Stabilization, Balance, and Timing exercise machine. The training develops player power, balance, timing, and coordination. This training is effective whether a player is rehabbing from an injury or desires greater performance levels. Specific CP Stabilization, Balance, and Timing Exercise Protocols are designed to help the brain and the body work together and harmonize while the body is in motion.

Our machine utilizes proprietary inertia technology which allows for enhanced acceleration and performance in a pure gravity free environment. Good stance, posture, and balance techniques will allow proper energy flow and naturally loads core muscles, stabilizing the body when weight and energy transfer is needed.

CP’s v5.0 SBT Trainer exercise protocols neurologically teach the player to fire the appropriate muscle groups in proper sequence while maintaining stance, posture and balance when the body is in motion. This is done in a controlled environment that is fine tuning the nervous system with pure gravity free acceleration and deceleration exercises. The CP v5.0 Stabilization, Balance, and Timing training doesn't require heavy weights.

Includes two (2) CP By MATTEK personal training sessions… plus CP instructional exercises on video.


- Improved athleticism

- Increased racket acceleration

- Improved ball strike timing

- Increased stability and agility

- Better balance and coordination

- Enhanced body awareness

- Improve fast twitch muscle

- Increase of power in motion

- Efficient joint stability & mobility

How It Works

Impulse Inertial Exercise has a superior ability to influence neuromuscular education. No other exercise technology deals with the training of acceleration like it. Like wise no other technology deals with training coordination like Inertial Exercise. With other forms of exercise the user increases the weight or the tension in the exercise to increase muscle strength and performance. Inertial Exercise is performed in exactly the opposite manner. Reducing weight in the exercise increases muscle power and performance. In doing so the neuromuscular system develops higher levels of muscle contraction, coordination and reaction time.

Working with free weights always presents the issue of gravity. Gravity has a dramatic influence on the muscles learning curve in dealing with acceleration. The same is true of cable column technologies. Inertial Exercise removes gravity from the equation. The muscles performing the exercise of accelerating the weight are no longer influenced by gravity. They are free to learn the experience of quick contractions without the damaging effects of gravities revenge.

The energy of each repetition of Inertial Exercise is dictated completely by the ability of the muscles involved in the exercise. As weight is removed from the sled the capacity for greater acceleration is presented. Greater levels of acceleration require greater levels of coordination. If the user has the necessary coordination and control of muscles involved then exercise continues. If the user does not then operation of the machine is not possible. That is to say each repetition is dependent on the coordination of the user. The beautiful thing about Inertial Exercise is that if the user gradually reduces the weight while maintaining coordination then extremely high levels of coordination are attained at an incredible learning rate.