Life Coaching

Tim Mattek is an experienced husband, father, business man, speaker, writer, and coach. He is the seventh child of ten with five brothers and four sisters. He has been married for thirty six years having successfully raised four grown children: two girls and two boys. He draws upon decades of unique and special experiences working with aspiring young amateur and professional athletes, parents, and coaches helping them to better understand and develop their strengths while working towards uncommon and lofty goals. He created the Player Development Coordinator position which integrates four distinct dimensions into an athlete’s development process. He is a mental, emotional, and spiritual coach. He developed the renown In The ZONE 6-STEP mental training program helping athletes to quickly relax and enter their zone even during competitions. He created a self realization development process that helps one to build belief, understand their true identity, find passion and live life purposely. His process focuses on aligning and harmonizing thoughts, words, and action towards dreams and goals.