Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) provides expert guidance in the player and team development process including experienced planning, consulting, and coordinating. Developing a complete player that consistently operates at peak performances is the goal of the CP program. CP accomplishes this goal by implementing the four distinct dimensions of focus and training. Decades of experience in development (early junior through professional) has allowed for the discovery and evolution of this dynamic multi-dimensional approach to creating a complete athlete who competes at their highest possible potential. All four dimensions of training occur at the same time, in real time, at the right time.

The Complete Performance by MATTEK™ model is guided by three proven and powerful “strength” based principles: development is individual and personal, each player was created with unique and enduring talents,” and the greatest room for growth and improvement centers and encompasses the areas of a players greatest strengths. Our program has trained and fostered a player...


The Development choices that you make today will determine tomorrow’s opportunities. This follows the universal law of cause and effect. Preparation meets the opportunity. If the preparation or training is complete, positive opportunities will line up accordingly. A player’s performance results will ultimately come down to the quality and consistency of their training. In order for training to be complete, it has to occur in four equally important development dimensions: skills, body, mind, and spirit.

The Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) approach to successful tennis/sports development is guided by three powerful principles: player development is individual and personal, each player has unique and enduring talents, and a player’s greatest growth lies within developing the areas of their greatest strengths.

The CP Player Activation Program puts the development back on the right track. This program was developed by Tim Mattek, who was intimately involved with the development of a player from cradle to junior world champion and grand slam champion. Tim utilizes...


Your goal is consistent peak performance in competition. This will ultimately come down to the quality and consistency of your training. In order for training to be complete, it has to occur in four equally important development dimensions: skills, body, mind and spirit.

Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) mental training focuses on the player's thoughts which are powerful and like seeds will grow if nourished. When thoughts are combined with emotions, conception of an action takes place. When you repeat a thought process along with that emotion, the action will come to pass. There is a universal law that states every seed (thought) will reproduce according to its own kind.

Any player, who wants to consistently perform their best, must learn to control their thoughts and contain their emotions. Learn to control your thoughts, and you will manifest the circumstances that surround those thoughts. The first step to control is relaxation. In order to have a complete performance, you will need to learn to relax your body and mind. This is essential if you want to...


Tim Mattek is an experienced husband, father, business man, speaker, writer, and coach. He is the seventh child of ten with five brothers and four sisters. He has been married for thirty six years having successfully raised four grown children: two girls and two boys. He draws upon decades of unique and special experiences working with aspiring young amateur and professional athletes, parents, and coaches helping them to better understand and develop their strengths while working towards uncommon and lofty goals. He created the Player Development Coordinator position which integrates four distinct dimensions into an athlete’s development process. He is a mental, emotional, and spiritual coach. He developed the renown In The ZONE 6-STEP mental training program helping athletes to quickly relax and enter their zone even during competitions. He created a self realization development process that helps one to build belief, understand their true identity, find passion and live life purposely. His process focuses on aligning and harmonizing thoughts, words, and action towards...


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