The Power of Environment: Part 1

There is real power in an environment; but there is also chaos.

When it came to the early raising and developing of our children, we became intentional to control our home environment. Developing our children, in something that interested them, including developing Bethanie into a world-class professional tennis player was an extension of the of other primary intentions. We wanted to develop them mentally, physically, and spiritually into mature adults that possessed a healthy and wholesome self identity; to be confident, focused, self-assured, and balanced. Like many parents, even with the best intentions, we went off-road from time to time and seemed to lose our way.

Eventually we learned to get back on track with our shared vision looking inward and revisiting our true intentions and purpose. This brought harmony between our intentions and our actions. Most Parents really don’t take the time to go this deep as a shared vision requires a lot of thought, contemplation, decisions, perseverance, and unity. However, it is crucial because our lives are really guided by our true intentions.

So what is an intention?

Well, a whim is not an intention; a casual interest is not an intention; a wish is not an intention; a need is not an intention; longing for something or wanting it to be so is not an intention. AN INTENTION IS A GOAL THAT IS HARMONIZED WITH CONSISTENT ACTION FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME UNTIL THE GOAL IS REALIZED.

Harmonizing intentions with actions requires synchronizing multiple elements which I will discuss in the weeks to come. Harmonizing the environment to one’s intention is critical in achieving the desired future reality or goal. In our journey to develop our children, in particular Bethanie, harmonizing the environment became a priority. It guided our decisions as to who would coach our children, educate them, train them, and socialize with them. Obviously, this didn’t mean that everyone, including our children had to be in full agreement with us, but they did need to be in harmony with our purpose and intentions. They also needed to harmonize with our authority as the parent by showing proper respect and honor.

The higher our intentions are for our children, the wider base of expertise required. And the greater the need is for harmonizing our intentions of developing our children with their environment. This may sound difficult, confrontational, or overbearing but it really wasn’t.

It was just the right thing to do, and it continues to produce good fruit. Maintaining a proper environment will produce good fruit for you too.