Benefits of The Skills & Strategies dimension:

  • A proactive and reactive development process
  • Accelerated rate of improving a learned skill or strategy
  • More effective management of the daily and weekly development training schedule
  • Increased team clarity, focus, and wisdom in making good decisions
  • Strengthened foundation for future skills and strategy training

Skills & Strategies

The Skills and Strategies dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development Program is guided by three proven and powerful strength based principles:

  • Player development is individual and personal.
  • A player was created with unique and enduring talents.
  • A player’s greatest room for growth and improvement centers and encompasses the areas of their greatest strengths.

Studies show that a person will improve at a much faster rate and to a higher level of achievement when they are doing something they naturally feel comfortable doing. The CP development model will identify the uniqueness of the player personality strengths. As the player continues to develop their skills, the CP development protocols assist parents, coaches, and trainers in further identifying these strengths so the player’s strengths work in unison with their strategy and skills development.

Microwave player development is now become the norm with traditional development centers, coaches, trainers, players, and parents. However, patience is the virtue for proper and sustained development, momentum, and improvement of player skills and strategies. CP has developed a 7-STEP approach to learning, mastering, and improving a skill or strategy. This proprietary approach goes beyond the traditional methods of improving a skill with much better and faster results.

Traditional development centers pride themselves on advancing a younger player to compete in a higher age group which often rushes the development process of a player. Important elements not taken consideration are the player’s personality strengths and their levels of physical, mental, and emotional maturity. This leads to sub-standard coaching and training decisions that will negatively affect true development potential and the quality of the technique including stance, posture, and balance can be sacrificed. Additionally, the brain is now being trained to neurologically fail to fire the appropriate muscle groups in the proper sequence, affecting proper weight transfer, and more serious issues, such as injuries, can occur.

CP’s developmental emphasis in this dimension is focused upon the timing in the progression of learning and solidifying all of the technical and tactical skills of the sport. We work alongside the player and the team in monitoring the process of incorporating these learned skills and specific strategies into actual competitive performance.

CP’s 7-STEPS to Master a Skill or Strategy helps the player build a better foundation to master the learned skills and strategies in a timely manner. Using this approach also provides the player the belief and confidence to quickly and progressively improve their competitive performances.