Benefits of the Mind Dimension:

  • Accelerated rate of improving a learned skill or strategy
  • More effective integration of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational tools
  • Increased control over the pace of breathing
  • Strengthened foundation for advanced mental training
  • Accelerated momentum ‘In the ZONE’
  • An effective and healthy imagination
  • Increased player “Maturity”
  • Increased empowerment
  • Improved consistence in competitive performances
  • Improved management of family relations
  • Increased awareness of the moment
  • Increased physical and mental relaxation
  • Prolonged player focus and concentration


The Mind dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development program emphasizes the player's thought processes (mind), wants (will), and attitudes (emotions).

We understand the power of thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds. When thoughts are combined with emotions, conception or effects take place. And when you repeat a thought process, the thing will come to pass, because every seed (thought) reproduces according to its own kind. Your thoughts will reproduce in your life the circumstances after their own kind.

Any player, who wants to consistently perform their best, must learn to control their thoughts and contain their emotions. Or they will control and contain you. But first a player will need to learn to relax their body and mind. Relaxation is essential if you want to advance in mental training.

In fact, one’s ability to relax is so important that CP By MATTEK developed their own proprietary mental training program to teach players to quickly relax and enter their ZONE; even during competition. This proven six week, six step In The ZONE™ mental training program provides the player with essential skills and techniques.


The CP difference - recent success stories

After adding Spirit and Mind to her Skills & Strategies, and Body regiments, a professional WTA Player has won four Grand slams doubles titles.

After completing the CP In The ZONE six-week mental training program, in her first match using the CP Body and Mind relaxation protocols, this WTA professional player defeated a top seed and a world ranked top 15 player.

A 12 year old boy trains with STEP 2 of the CP In The ZONE mental training prior to playing his tournament matches and has risen to number one ranking in the state of Florida.


The traditional player development approach places the emphasis on what the player is doing and how the player looks, while forgetting or neglecting the important core inner workings of how a player is doing, thinking, feeling, or wanting. During CP’s years of extensive research with coaches and parents and players, 100% indicate they spend less than 10% of their total training time on mental and emotional training.

This incorrectly places the main focus on the player’s “doing,” not “being” and places undue stress on the player, as well as all aspects of the development process. CP’s mental training focuses on the player “being,” not just “doing” and delves into the core thought processes of the player. This component places the emphasis on what a player thinks, what a player wants, and what a player feels. This works by developing their imagination to create the future they desire.

This dimension focuses on the inner “world,” paying attention to the inner senses through meditation. All achievement is found by extracting and controlling thoughts. Self-identity is strengthened via stripping away false beliefs and replacing them with truths. The wisdom of developing the inner senses is necessary for maximum player performance. Most traditional programs overlook or neglect to work on the important inner qualities and maturity of the athlete's mental and emotional development, and over time, the individual reaches a plateau because the powerful development tracks of the mind and emotions lagged too far behind the other development tracks like Skills, Strategies, and Body. CP's Mind training helps a player to control attitudes, which give energy and power to the player’s thoughts, words, and actions. This ultimately positively influences the player’s decision-making ability during competitive performance.

Every athlete knows that if you practice enough strokes, soon the stroke seems automatic and effortless. Similarly, if they contemplate or meditate on a thought of winning a point with a stroke, it can trigger an emotion and transforms into a belief. With proper training, one can continuously and effortlessly experience the reality of that belief. Both of these processes of practice/repetition and meditation are utilizing the switch from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to get in the ideal “zone”. When a player performs in their "zone," they are really operating directly from their muscle memory, subconsciously bypassing their conscious mind with all of its limiting thoughts, doubts, and fears.