Benefits of Body Dimension:

  • Natural structural alignment
  • Accelerated muscle strength
  • Strengthened supporting muscles
  • Improved body alignment and flexibility
  • Improved timing and coordination
  • Increased balance, stability, speed and agility
  • Increased racket acceleration
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Increased efficiency in energy management
  • Increased power in motion
  • Increased natural recovery
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased brain and body communication
  • Reduced player downtime due to injuries


The Body dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development Program focuses on the physical training component with emphasis on factors that affect the body. The three main components to the Physical Body Dimension are 1) Fitness, 2) Health, and 3) Recovery.

FITNESS: The Fitness component addresses musculoskeletal functionality, muscle strength, muscle endurance protocols, and nuero-muscular stabilization exercises to promote strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, speed, and agility. This component complements health and recovery. CP Training develops both major and minor muscle groups and we eliminate unnecessary stress from joints, ligaments, and tendons. Neurologically, our program trains the player’s brain to fire the appropriate muscle or muscle group for the task required by the body.

CP Fitness training stresses mind control over muscle fatigue. As the competition progresses, and fatigue sets in, the mind will forget about many things, like the importance of posture, for example. The player’s mind will convince the body that posture is not important. The result is a loss of stance, posture, balance, and technique. Additionally, motion is uncontrolled, and form becomes ugly. This is the start of muscular compensation, which can lead to future injuries.

CP fitness training utilizes Isometric Exercise Protocols (ISO). Our core isometric exercise protocols strengthen specific muscle and muscle groups in acceptable ratios. This will train and equip the player’s muscles to fire properly and timely, as to withstand and absorb force and thus reducing the cause of many injuries. Additionally, we incorporate mental and emotional strength training to prepare the player for competitive situations.

Stance and posture is also integral to CP Fitness training. Maintaining focus on excellent stance and posture (or head position) will improve balance and form. When fatigued, having the proper foundation that stance and posture give will ensure better balance and form.

We focus on excellent technique from the first repetition to the last in each exercise, especially as fatigue sets in. We implement Body Alignment, Flexibility, and Mobility exercise protocols to safely align the body parts and enhance flexibility and mobility. This is achieved through proper body positioning, breathing, and stretching, and flexibility.

CP v5.0 Stabilization/Balance Training consists of advanced neurological exercises that compliment and leverage our isometric strength training program. The proprietary CP athlete exercise protocols are designed to help the brain and the body work in harmony while in motion. This sport-specific training doesn't require heavy weights, as our High Performance Inertial Exercise Trainer machine utilizes advanced technology that allows for enhanced acceleration and performance in a weight-free environment.

This exercise program caters specifically to the demands of peak-performance enhancement. For example, in Tennis, the CP v5.0 Stabilization protocols increase balance and energy transfer that will allow for swing acceleration and timing, while maintaining the quality of the technique. This includes: Player Stance, Posture, and Balance. Proper stance automatically triggers the bodies balance mechanisms and improves core stability. CPP v5.0 Stabilization efficiently increases power, balance, and coordination, allowing the player to develop into a well-rounded athlete.

HEALTH: The CP HEALTH component compliments FITNESS and RECOVERY and provides expert guidance in player hydration, sleep, diet, nutrition, and supplementation. Hydration, sleep, diet, nutrition, supplementation are issues that CP Health addresses because they so strongly affect the level of performance at which a Body may be able to function.

RECOVERY: The CP RECOVERY programs supply cutting edge techniques and treatments that proactively prevent athletic injuries. Unfortunately, if an injury does occur, CP Recovery allows for the athlete to return safely to the playing field faster and more effectively than other present-day programs or plans.

In addition, our Player RECOVERY programs also use the Accelerated Recovery Performance system. The ARP protocols, developed by Denis Thompson, an Exercise Physiologist with nearly 30 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes of all types, specializes in injuries associated with competing in a variety of sports.

Denis Thompson studied & experimented with Bio Electric techniques from all over the world. These studies focused on injury recovery and prevention, as well as increased athletic performance. The ARP system is responsible for successfully accelerating recovery times for thousands of clients from all types of injuries, allowing for the creation of techniques that reduce injuries and improve performance. As a result of this research, he has developed a new, unique methodology called Accelerated Recovery Performance Protocols.

Integrated with the ARP Technology is the proprietary CP body alignment techniques and the Body Alignment protocols that reduce recovery time by as much as 30% of the average time to complete recovery.



The CP v5.0 SBT Trainer

The Complete Performance by MATTEK v5.0 SBT Trainer is a Stabilization, Balance, and Timing exercise machine. The training develops player power, balance, timing, and coordination. This training is effective whether a player is rehabbing from an injury or desires greater performance levels. Specific CP Stabilization, Balance, and Timing Exercise Protocols are designed to help the brain and the body work together and harmonize while the body is in motion.

Our machine utilizes proprietary inertia technology which allows for enhanced acceleration and performance in a pure gravity free environment. Good stance, posture, and balance techniques will allow proper energy flow and naturally loads core muscles, stabilizing the body when weight and energy transfer is needed.

CP’s v5.0 SBT Trainer exercise protocols neurologically teach the player to fire the appropriate muscle groups in proper sequence while maintaining stance, posture and balance when the body is in motion. This is done in a controlled environment that is fine tuning the nervous system with pure gravity free acceleration and deceleration exercises. The CP v5.0 Stabilization, Balance, and Timing training doesn't require heavy weights.

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