The CP Difference

What is the #1 concern of parents, players, and coaches? And how do you overcome it? Tim Mattek breaks it down in four simple dimensions.

The Skills and Strategies dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development Program is guided by three proven and powerful strength based principles:

  • Player development is individual and personal.
  • A player was created with unique and enduring talents.
  • A player’s greatest room for growth and improvement centers and encompasses the areas of their greatest strengths.

Studies show that a person will improve at a much faster rate and to a higher level of achievement when they are doing something they naturally feel comfortable doing. The CP development model will identify the uniqueness of the player personality strengths. As the player continues to develop their skills, the CP development protocols assist parents, coaches, and trainers in further identifying these strengths so the player’s strengths work in unison with their strategy and skills development.

Microwave player development is now become the norm with traditional development centers, coaches, trainers, players, and parents. However, patience is...


The Body dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development Program focuses on the physical training component with emphasis on factors that affect the body. The three main components to the Physical Body Dimension are 1) Fitness, 2) Health, and 3) Recovery.

FITNESS: The Fitness component addresses musculoskeletal functionality, muscle strength, muscle endurance protocols, and nuero-muscular stabilization exercises to promote strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, speed, and agility. This component complements health and recovery. CP Training develops both major and minor muscle groups and we eliminate unnecessary stress from joints, ligaments, and tendons. Neurologically, our program trains the player’s brain to fire the appropriate muscle or muscle group for the task required by the body.

CP Fitness training stresses mind control over muscle fatigue. As the competition progresses, and fatigue sets in, the mind will forget about many things, like the importance of posture, for example. The player’s mind will...


The Mind dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development program emphasizes the player's thought processes (mind), wants (will), and attitudes (emotions).

We understand the power of thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds. When thoughts are combined with emotions, conception or effects take place. And when you repeat a thought process, the thing will come to pass, because every seed (thought) reproduces according to its own kind. Your thoughts will reproduce in your life the circumstances after their own kind.

Any player, who wants to consistently perform their best, must learn to control their thoughts and contain their emotions. Or they will control and contain you. But first a player will need to learn to relax their body and mind. Relaxation is essential if you want to advance in mental training.

In fact, one’s ability to relax is so important that CP By MATTEK developed their own proprietary mental training program to teach players to quickly relax and enter their ZONE; even during competition. This proven six week, six...


The Spirit dimension of the Complete Performance™ by MATTEK (CP) Comprehensive Development program goes beyond what the player thinks (mind) in the past, present and future, beyond what the player wants (will) and feels (emotions), and delves deeper into why the player thinks the way they do (habits and patterns), why they have certain emotions, and why the player wants what he/she does.

The Spirit dimension deals with concepts such as emotions or attitudes, faith, heart, and beliefs. This CP dimension places the development emphasis on the deepest part of a player’s being, their heart. This training focuses on thought processes that center on the beliefs, identity, self-center, and purpose. It instructs and clarifies “who” the player really is and “what” the player really believes; and “why” a player is really competing.

Other traditional (outdated) development programs will most likely address two dimensions: skill and physical, and possibly even touch upon a third dimension of mental. However, the CP Comprehensive Development program is unique due to the fourth...